Our Company is shaping the future of renewable energy

Our company started first in Europe as a Lubricants producer. The last twenty years processed crude oil in East Europe and trading Petroleum Products , electricity in EU . EnOil aims to secure a supply source for fuel market demand for which is expected to increase in view of rising fossil fuel prices and growing concerns about the need to protect the environment . EnOil plans to increase the fuel deliveries to complete the fuel waste tire plastic pyrolysis plants a project estimated to create 600 jobs.Our distribution platform and diversified production network ensures reliable supply of quality fuel . The EnOil, ship management provides quality management services of the highest standard to its Principal. Our Company is trading fuels and Carbon credits.

A pioneer of renewable energy

Our Business Model: Can you imagine discovering an oil field that produces 110,000 barrels of refined diesel oil per year? One that requires no exploration, no wellhead drilling & replenishes itself each year with more oil than you started with? What if you actually got paid to process the oil field and got to keep the oil at the same time? What if we told you that you would also be preventing pollution and producing carbon credits at the same time? Its not science fiction; it is just one part of our business model. A tyre pyrolysis facility that processes 100 tonnes of scrap tires per day produces the following each year: One 20 pound tire produces .875 US gallons of oil A 100 TPD tyre pyrolysis plant produces 110,000 barrels of oil a year A 100 TPD tire pyrolysis plant produces 300 barrels of oil a day. A commercially proven solution that produces over 15x more than the average producing US oil well! There are over 350 million scrap tires produced in the US each year. If all these were processed by our Tyrolysis Systems, approximately 7 million barrels of oil would be produced each year. The Oxford tire dump Westley California is a typical US tire dump with over 14 million tires. A 100 ton per day Klean Industries plant could process these tires in 6 years and produce over 600,000 barrels of oil. The US Energy Information Administration reports that in 2006 the average cost to drill for oil in the domestic US was $1.4 million per hole. This does not include the cost of exploration, rights, or any other costs. By comparison, a Tyrolysis Plant can source and produce oil without exploration or drilling. The oil is delivered to our facility & we are paid to process it. As long as vehicles run our roads the source of our oil renews itself each year, in fact our source of oil is expanding as world consumption of tires is expected to rise from 1.5 billion to 3 billion by 2012.